Ways to Use Pinterest Search Engine to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Pinterest is a virtual goldmine of inspirations. From décor, fashion, lifestyle, gardening, beauty, and everything in between, Pinterest boards are highly popular. In fact, pins on the app are popular enough to start a new trend at the beginning of every season.

But Pinterest can also very effectively drive traffic to your websites. Most people associate search engines with big names such as Google or Yahoo. However, Pinterest can be a very powerful and effective search engine that directs users to your site.

So how can you utilize this rather unlikely search engine to gain traction for your blog or site? We show you the insider tips to use Pinterest and widen your audience.

First, let’s see what makes Pinterest an excellent search engine for generating traffic.

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Reasons why Pinterest makes a great traffic generator

First, a large number of users of the platform say that Pinterest boards have a huge influence on their purchase decision.

Second, Pinterest allows brands and consumers to build online relationships even without in-your-face advertising.

Third, users on the platform do not hesitate about recommending products or services they like on Pinterest.

Best ways to use Pinterest and generate traffic

To get the most from Pinterest and drive traffic to your blog or website, here are the top ways to get you started:

Keep pinning

For the Pinterest algorithm to pick your pins, you need to pin a minimum of 10 pins daily. Getting into the habit of pinning a specific number can be challenging in the beginning.

So this is where Pin-it-bookmarklet can come in very handy. If you install this on your site, it can be easier to pin whenever you see a picture you like. Marking other useful content outside of Pinterest also gets easier with this program.

Tag your pins

In addition to pinning, tagging them is an excellent way to make them available to the users. While tagging your pins, use a hashtag that is most relevant to your product or brand. For instance, if your product is gifts for young boys, try a “Geburtstagsgeschenke für einen 5 Jahre Alten Jungen” hashtag or something similar.

When you tag your pins, it shows up intuitively on the search bar when users type in a specific word.

Make your Pinterest boards meaningful

Avoid using generic terms such as gifts, business, or décor. This will drown your product or brand in a sea of other similar names. Instead, use specific words, and be descriptive about your board. This will boost your online presence and also help your product to have authority in your respective niche.

Follow other content creators

Following content creators on Pinterest is more than taking a peek at their boards and activity on the platform. It allows other people to connect with you and potentially re-pin your pins.

Actively following other content creators will also keep your Pinterest account healthy and active. So try to follow at least a couple of other active users on the platform to widen your online audience.

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