Strategies to use Pinterest in your business effectively

Determine the best time to post your pins: As you already know, a great advantage is that the pins can last forever when optimized properly.

However, if you build a community that is usually connected to Pinterest at certain times, then it will be important to take that into account when choosing when to update your profile.

A key tool to know this type of information is Pinterest Analytics. You can also consult studies and reports that address this issue of days and hours, although you should know that, in general, each study gives different results. This is because the data varies depending on the nature of each business, the audiences and the markets.

For example:

According to each category, the best days to post are:

  • Monday: fitness.
  • Tuesday: gadgets and technology.
  • Wednesday: thematic or inspirational phrases.
  • Thursday: outfits.
  • Friday: gifts.
  • Saturday: travel.
  • Sunday: food, art and leisure.

Some of the best times to post are:

  • Between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.
  • Between 8 pm and 11 pm (or 1 am).
  • Between 2 pm and 4 pm.

As we have seen, these data can be a first reference to take into account, but they are very subjective. As time goes by, you need to start to be guided by your own Pinterest Analytics data.

Something that is certain is that we do not recommend publishing during business hours, since at those times the active audience of Pinterest is very small (according to each niche).

  • Post on trending topics and use calls to action on your pins: by using CTAs on your images you can increase engagement levels by 80%, while if you post on trending topics, your CTR can increase up to 94%.

To find out about trends on Pinterest, you can use two very powerful tools that Pinterest launched in 2019:

  • One of them is Pinterest Trends, which provides you with insights on the most popular search terms in the last twelve months.
  • The other is Pinterest 100 , an interactive report on the top 100 search trends in 10 specific subject categories.

You can also check out this official article about Pinterest trends in 2020.

  • Enable the pins button: Make sure you have the pins button enabled on your website. In this way, users will be able to save the images from the web to their personal Pinterest account, even when they are offline. This way you will be able to feed back the visits to your page, since surely the user will consult that pin they saved again.
  • Add a link in your pin: the generation of traffic to your website is one of the pillars of Pinterest marketing strategies. To do this, you should always link each of the pins to your website or to your products (in the case of ecommerce), and you can do this simply by placing the link on the respective pin.
  • Be consistent in your posts: Pinterest rewards consistency (and punishes the lack of it). If you have a company profile and do not keep it active for a certain time, the platform could penalize the positioning of your pins, even if you did everything else well.
  • Keep in mind Pinterest Ads: although organic positioning is very effective, investing in promoting your pins can ensure much faster and stronger growth. Remember that, as I said above, advertising on Pinterest is the cheapest of all social networks.