Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

As we’ve seen so far, Pinterest for business has extraordinary qualities on the business side. In fact, investing $ 1 in Pinterest Ads makes an average profit of $ 2, while the gross return can reach $ 4.30.

On the other hand, daily , more than 2 million users pin images of products they plan to buy. Thus, the proven effectiveness of advertising and increasing user demand, make this social network very fertile and promising for businesses seeking scalability, growth and market penetration . Is it your case? So keep reading.

Another advantage of Pinterest for businesses is that, even if a user finds you and visits you once, they will not forget you. The link will continue to exist because you can follow your account or save one or more of your pins to refer to later.

This aspect is important that you take into account because the action of pinning on Pinterest is not the equivalent of giving a like on Facebook or Instagram. In this case, pinning is a much more declarative demonstration that a user is interested in your products and wants to be able to access them in future opportunities.

Therefore, that “simple action” is ultimately an essential step in your conversion funnel. In addition, the useful life of the pins is much longer compared to that of a post in any other social network. For example, the average life of a post on Facebook is 90 minutes, while that of a pin on Pinterest is 3.5 months. In other words, the impact of a pin lasts, on average, 1680 times longer than that of a post on Facebook.

So, if your pins are correctly optimized and if you continue to take care of your Pinterest marketing strategy over time, the effect of your published content could last forever.

One of the advantages of this is that the pins will continue to send traffic to your website permanently and with very little effort. This is due to the fact that the greatest effort is made above all in the beginning, having to invest time and resources in creating visually attractive content that encourages interaction, and then optimizing it.

The advantages of using Pinterest for business are innumerable and depend, to a large extent, on the nature of your business. For example, do you have a physical store? You should know then that more than 60% of pinners consult Pinterest while shopping in a store.

What should you know before starting your Pinterest strategy?

Once you have created your Pinterest business profile, you must consider certain basic aspects before executing your Pinterest marketing strategy. Let’s see some of the most important:

  • Segmentation and buyer persona : because it is a very visual social network, the characteristics of pinners are quite particular, which means that their behavioral habits and preferences are very different in relation to when they are users of other platforms.

Therefore, first of all it is essential to know our buyer persona well, only in this way can we understand what drives them to search on Pinterest and thus determine how we could proactively offer solutions to what they are looking for.

Also, beyond focusing on our buyer persona, we must also take into account the characteristics of the segments that make life in this social network. Some data that give us an idea of this are the following:

  • 36% of pinners are millennials, 34% are Gen Xers and 18% are Baby Boomers.
  • Almost 80% of users are women.
    83% of them use Pinterest to plan events and moments of life, 70% to find accessories, watches and jewelry, and 52% to learn about food and drinks.
  • When traveling, users are twice as likely to consult Pinterest rather than conventional travel websites.
  • Commercial sector: in the same way, due to the very nature of Pinterest, there are commercial sectors in which the presence on this network becomes much more relevant. Such is the case of companies related to the areas of events, clothing, makeup, cooking, decoration, travel or tourism.

In this sense, a recommendation is that you collect data on how the presence of both your sector and your market niche has been in this social network.

On the other hand, as a niche channel, Pinterest is really powerful for brands related to wedding products and services. In fact, 81% of engaged users started planning their wedding on Pinterest even before they got engaged.

  • Effective time: in terms of social commerce, buyer behavior is different on Pinterest than on other social networks. Although it is much more effective, it can also be slower. A user can pin a product they want to buy and then decide to make the purchase six months later. For this reason, brands usually run their campaigns related to a season a few months before the arrival of that season.

It is important to have the necessary resources to take care of the online presence in a sustained way over time , because, if this is not the case, maintaining the profiles on the networks without a clear strategy behind it could give an image of abandonment.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you analyze the above points to determine if you really should be on Pinterest or not. It is better to focus your efforts and work on your presence in the networks where you know that you will be able to dedicate time, effort and resources, rather than opening profiles on all platforms just because it is fashionable or because you “have to be there.”

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