What are the main features of Pinterest?

These and many other competitive advantages that are exclusive to Pinterest have managed to position the platform at the top of the most important in the world.

According to the Annual Study of Social Networks – 2020, Pinterest is a social network that enjoys a good reputation among users and its use has remained stable over time. For example, in terms of user satisfaction, this platform scores above even Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Regarding the frequency of visits, its indexes remain stable and solid.

These are very positive achievements when you consider that social applications are increasingly struggling to gain the attention and retention of users in their environments.

Taking into account all of the above, we can end up defining Pinterest as a platform that offers memorable moments through images, that manages to seduce with its content and that provides a unique visual experience among all the social networks that exist.

It is a community between brands and users that maintains a powerful relationship based on mutual charm , aspirational luxury and the emotion of inspiring and feeling inspired.

If you are a company with products or services whose characteristics can be exploited visually, then you must learn to incorporate Pinterest right now in your digital marketing strategy. Throughout the article, I explain in detail how to do it.

Main features of Pinterest

The main products and functions of Pinterest are:

Home feed: The feed is where users browse the images, topics, and profiles of the people they follow.

Browser button r: This button is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers (versions prior to 11). This tool is used to save pins from any web page.

Search: the search bar allows you to search for content by entering keywords on the topic of interest.

Visual Search: Users can activate the visual search option on any image they have found. In doing so, the platform analyzes the image and identifies the elements within it, providing the user with similar product results. For this functionality, Pinterest uses advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms.

This visual search engine is Pinterest’s greatest value proposition, and its impact has been such that 80% of users start the purchase process with a search of this type.

Pinterest Lens: Pinterest’s camera fulfills two very particular types of visual search functions. One is called Lens your Look. This consists in that a user can take a photo of a product that he already owns, then the platform analyzes the image and thus generates recommendations on styles and ideas of how he can use it or combine it with other elements, whether it is clothing, furniture, etc.

The other is called Shop the Look. Its operation is basically the same, but instead of focusing on finding and recommending styles and ideas for use, this functionality provides results on products similar to the one pictured that are for sale.

For example, if the user is walking down the street and sees another person with a pair of shoes that they like, then they take a photo of those shoes and Pinterest will take care of showing them where they can buy them and what other similar styles are available on the Internet.

Both functions work together and can be used for other very practical purposes. For example , if the user sees a plate of food and wants to know what its recipe is and how it is prepared, he simply takes a photo and the platform will return the desired information as a result.

However, the power of Pinterest Lens goes much further, as it is considered to be one of the most powerful augmented reality (AR) tools that exist today within a social network.

The new function of this AR technology, called Test , allows, for example, that a user can point the camera towards herself and see how a certain lip color or makeup can look on her. Based on your selection, the platform will recommend brands and beauty products according to your preferences.

Pinterest Ads Manager: is the section through which you can control everything related to advertising campaigns.

Here you can find out about the different formats of Pinterest advertisements and here you can check the technical specifications of these formats.

Before you start testing any functionality, the first thing you should do is create a company profile.

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